• Item No: TA0170
    Item No: TA0170
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    Clam Pack
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    Gift Box

Interactive Phone Piano

Kids will love this Interactive 2-in-1 Phone Piano. It's built as a toy mobile phone which you can flip open to reveal the keyboard. Looks and feels just like today's most advanced 3G mobile phone!!


As a mobile phone, dial a phone number and then press SENT to see if the line gets through. You may get a busy tone and the operator will tell you to "Please try later" or, you may get someone answering your call at the other end. At the end of your call, press HANG-UP and you'll hear the operator saying good-bye to you.


You can also create a call coming in. Press any 3 or more numbers and then put the phone down. The phone will ring after a while. Answer the phone to hear the voice from the caller. You can play tricks on your friends with this "Ring back" feature for them to pick up the phone to answer and then realize it is only a play phone.


The phone also contains 8 programmed familiar tunes to sing-along to.


As a keyboard piano, other than playing your own songs from it, this piano contains 24 pre-programmed familiar tunes. Play them all automatically by simple one press of the AUTO button or play them one by one with the one-key-one-song function. You can even record your own notes and play them back.


The auto-off feature saves on batteries. The hanging clip allows for easy attachment to waist belt, back pack or school bags.



  • Double play value : play phone and keyboard piano.
  • Random determine whether phone line is busy.
  • Real voice answers the phone if phone line is not busy.
  • Operator will tell you to try later if phone line is busy.
  • Dial back function to create an in coming call.
  • Real voice "Good-Bye" when hang up the phone.
  • Pre-programmed 8 popular musical tunes.
  • Piano has 24 pre-programmed familiar tunes.
  • Piano can either auto demo all songs or one-key-one-song function.
  • Piano has record and play back function.
  • Auto off to save on batteries.
  • Hanging clip for easy attachment to waist belt, back pack or school bags.
  • Uses 3x AAA batteries (not included).



Clam Pack, 16 pcs/inner, 32 pcs/outer

Meas: 49 x 29 x 39 cm

G.W.: 7.0 kg


Gift Box, 80 pcs/outer

Meas: 32 x 27.5 x 31 cm

G.W.: 12 kg

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