• Item No. TS0894
    Item No. TS0894

Voice Alert

Voice Alert is a friendly assistant for elderly and physically less capable individuals. Slight pull on the cord will activate sound signal for help / attention. It is also a patient monitor that helps prevent falls and improves safety by alerting care-giver when a person attempts to get out of a wheelchair or bed without assistance.

Voice Alert is versatile which can be used alone as a magnetic pull alarm or be used along with a sensor mat for the bed or wheelchair.

Record a message of up to 20 seconds to give instruction to the patient. In an event of the Voice Alert being triggered, it will :

  • Flash the red light to direct the care-giver to the patient,
  • Play the message for up to 20 seconds (message of less than 20 seconds will be repeated up to 20 seconds), then
  • Sound the alarm until it is re-set by the care-giver.


Voice Alert can be attached easily on to a wheelchair with the belt strap. The holster supplied with the unit can be used to attach Patient Alert to the bedside or headboard for easy slip on/off of Patient Alert between bed application and wheelchair application.


  • Alert first with a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds to give direct instruction to the patient will help to minimize accident.
  • Pre-recorded message from a person known to the patient provides a friendly and familiar atmosphere.
  • Flashing red light direct care-giver to the patient.  
    • Choice of 4 different alarm tones.  
    • Choice of 2 alarm loudness levels.
  • Restraint-free: The magnetic pull switch (standard issue) release from any direction.
  • Can also be used with optional pressure sensor pads, door banner or other sensor equipments via the connection jack.
  • Convenient On/Off switch for easy de-activation.
  • Battery-check button with LED indicator.
  • Supplied with mounting holster and belt strap for easy ounting.
  • Product Size: 8.5 x 6.0 x 13 cm



Clam Pack, 34pcs/outer

Meas: 50 x 30 x 24 cm

G.W.: 15 kg





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